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Welcome to What Sara Reads,
Sioux Falls' Mobile Book Trailer

What Sara Reads is a mobile book-buying experience for creative and inspired women in the greater Sioux Falls, South Dakota area.

As a lifelong storyteller, a student and a teacher of literature, an obsessive reader, and a copywriter by trade, I believe that words matter, and that reading for pleasure should be more than opening a plain brown box sent to your doorstep or swiping away that purchase confirmation on your Kindle. To me, discovering your next book to read should be an experience and an adventure.

What Sara Reads is here to help you shamelessly add to your TBR pile. Inside my mobile book trailer, you'll find a curated collection of what’s trending, what’s unforgettable, and all of the word-magic gems in between.

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The Vision for What Sara Reads, Founded + Curated by Sara Gillis

A Mobile Book-Buying Experience for Women

What Sara Reads is available for pop-up events at local businesses in the greater Sioux Falls area in the spring, summer, and fall months.

To request a pop-up event near you, please visit the link below!

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